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As in few days I am leaving to NY, we decided with my friend to go to “Quirinale” for drinks and dinner, for old times’ sake…

It used to be my hangout, and I was there at least 3 times a week in the past, but then I stopped going that much… and all the bar crew that I knew left for better offers and the cook left to Luigia restaurant . So to be honest I was curious to see how it would be the new Quirinale.

We didn’t reserve, as we wanted to sit at the bar. When we arrived at 8pm, they told us that the bar was fully booked… for dinner. Because new policy, you can have dinner only on left side of the bar, while across you, on the right side people can only drink and watch you eating…
Just to wonder, what do you do when you finish eating? Do you need to book another spot across the bar for drinks????

Anyway, so instead us sitting us on the other side where it was empty, they disturbed all the eating side and asked them to squeeze, so they could fit us, and not take off the few reserved spots. By the way, later I saw some people eating on the drink side!!! Maybe I should report to the police… View full article »

The Geneva Old Town (La Vieille Ville) is a picturesque portion of Geneva, characterized by its cobblestone streets, old buildings and sidewalk cafes and restaurants. Perched on a hillside south of the Rhone River, la Vieille Ville can be seen from around Geneva. The heart of the old town is the Geneva Cathedral (Cathedrale St-Pierre).
This week-end we had an a amazing weather in Geneva. Sunny and warm, I guess summer is really around the corner. On Saturday morning I went to “la Clemence” in Vieille Ville (the old town) with my mom and had coffee there.
La Clemence, for the ones who don’t know is “THE” place in Geneva’s old town, to have coffee and happy hour on the sunny week-ends. It is located in the very center of old town, and you can simply sit and watch all Geneva pass by, as well as all the tourists. And as we saw on Saturday those tourist walk around with their camera and ask you to take their picture in front of the water fountain, just by the Clemence.
La Clemence is also the morning spot of the Old Towners (that my sis calls the clan of old town). Because they all know each other, and they have their own activities. It is quite cute actually.
After our looong coffee watching everyone, we decided to go for lunch at a restaurant in old town that I used to go a lot when I was a student. It has a nice terrace, and as I am seeking about all the nice terrace restaurants around city, I thought we should try this one as well. It is called “Le Mortimer”. This restaurant is known for its chocolate cake, the best of Geneva, the center is chocolate is fondant, and one word can describe it… heaven!!!
When we arrived to the restaurant they sat us on a side where we had sun, but the owner told us that, unfortunately it won’t stay long, due to the buildings around. We ordered our plates, and honestly were not really impressed by the food quality and taste. The staff is really nice, but I think when on the menu it is written half chicken, they should put some chicken whites and not simply a piece of drumstick and a wing, where there is barely meat to eat. Especially at this price, when one door down you have “Chez ma Cousine” which gives you for the half price, a real half chicken, with salad and potatoes.
Anyway I guess we will keep Mortimer for the chocolate cake spot, and the beauty you don’t even need to eat it there, you can just take out ;) and on my side, I will continue my search for the great terraces in Geneva center.