Yesterday I have spent my day doing some errands, and at night decided to go to M. Chow in Tribecca. When I was living in New York, I used to go very often there when it opened… then I started to get empty and the food not great…

Last night, when at the last minute we decided that we were craving for Chinese food, we decided to give another shot. Found a table for 9.30 pm, and went not very convinced. I was sure it was gonna be empty. But it is located in Tribecca after all; if it is empty, I can always go and check another restaurant in the hood.

To my big surprise, it was packed, after a short wait we sat to our table.

If you don’t know Mr. Chow, the minute you sit they propose you their menu.
But as we are Mr. Chow specialists, we exactly knew what to order. We ordered few appetizers: the “Squab and lettuce”, which is actually diced chicken, so go figure why they call it squab.
The chicken satay, where the satay sauce is to die for, I think it is pure butter with some peanut flavor (no need to say 1000 calorie per bite).
Than we ordered the green prawns, that looked like brussel sprouts but tasted great, and we ordered the fiery meat, which is actually buffalo meat. The sides were string beans and steamed brown rice with mushroom…

Did I tell you that we were really hungry?

Everything was delicious… The service was great, I don’t know what is happening in New York. I guess I have been too long in Switzerland with the bad service… so I am confused when the service is good.

There was a bit everything in the crowd… A group of people who were celebrating a birthday, and the birthday girl of 50 years, was wearing a crown; couples like us, and even a celebrity. Tony Hale, you can see him on TV shows.
Funny fact, he was playing a serial killer in the last episode of Medium that I had watched few hours before. Small world i guess..

Beside him, our table neighbors were definitely not Mr. Chow specialists. They kept asking us about our dishes. Come on people, we are not an information desk!!!! Ask your waiter for dish advice or read my blog before going to a restaurant.

So to sum it all, great food, happening place (new tables arrived at 11pm), great service (although I prefer them to not be that touchy when they talk), some annoying table neighbors, and a wonderful date… my best friend who shares my love of food and critic.

I will say another successful night in the big Apple