We finally decided to meet up with my chica last night, we thought we will give a shot at Gramercy Tavern, even a bite at the bar…

Well that was delusion… when you arrive with no reservation; you have to put yourself on two lists: one for a table, and it was an hour and a half wait; the other one for the bar, where you couldn’t even access. So we decided to go to Craft bar, which is a block away and usually easy to find a spot at the bar.

I guess I keep forgetting that it is the holiday season and everybody is out for dinner… Craft bar was packed as well, but after a 30 minutes wait and a short fight with a poorly dressed chick, we finally sat at a table.

The menu is composed of several small dishes to share… we decided to share few cheeses, a salad and risotto balls. The risotto balls are apparently the star dish… how they cannot be: some rice, lots of cheese, breaded and deep fried. I mean it just missed the key element of all successful dishes in NY: truffle oil or bacon

The dinner was delicious, but they were out of tartatin… but when you think about it, we saved some calories 

After dinner, we tried to have a drink at a bar… Funny story, the restaurants are over packed and the bars quite empty… Believe me we tried a lot of them, Breslin, Ace hotel, Tao, Monkey Bar, Lever House… ended up going to the Whiskey Blue bar at W hotel on Lexington.

Now that was particularly entertaining, the bar was full… full of drunken businessman and special ladies… and they even thought that we were there for some business as well. Lol, that is a first for me…

So it was a great night, and I almost did some pocket money at the end of it ;) ahhh New York, you will never stop surprising me!!!