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Since I arrived to NY, I have been quite lucky with the weather. Normally I am in search of great terraces in Geneva, who will think I will be doing the same in NY… especially when some terraces are not allowed to be open on specific dates.

Thanks God NY is full of Italian restaurants, and they don’t follow those official rules ;) So with this beautiful sunny day, Lady Fleur and I have decided to check Da Silvano.

This restaurant that opened 36 years ago, is serving Tuscan food and attracts not only the locals but lots of celebrities. The secret? Well to start with delicious food, great service and an amazing terrace.

We were lucky cause we found right away a nice breezy spot to sit. We decided to share an artichoke salad, then we both took pastas. I had the Penne Integrali al Pesto, which is whole wheat penne with basil pesto (trying to be healthy, lol). Lady Fleur took the Spaghettini Puttanesca, described on the menu as Spaghettini “whore style”, tomato, garlic, black olives, capers, anchovies.

They were both incredibly tasty and we finished with my favorite “Torta della Nonna”… miam.

The crowd was a mixture of the hip youth of Greenwich Village, some tourists, some “wannabes” and off course us, the hungry ones.

Let’s take a minute to describe the Greenwich crowd. The boys are young, with hats that look like condoms (but I guess it is stylish) and the girls are even younger, with very long legs and daisy dukes and ankle boots.

One thing is sure they are not eating pastas; or the water in the village has a special power to make them thin and tall… not very sure.

But one thing is sure, fashion or not, they should all wash their hair, and iron their clothes. I thought the grunge look was so last year, what happened? Did I miss the memo?

The service was great. Da Silvano himself came to check if we enjoyed our lunch. He fell in love with my bag hook, proposed me 100 usd for it. Then later when I tried to give him back his money, he wanted to purchase my necklace for 200 usd.

So maybe that is the secret of Da Silvano, you go there, you eat and you leave with money… especially when the hook and the necklace cost in total 55 usd, and almost left the restaurant with 300…

What can I say, besides, will go back and this time bring more accessories to be able to pay my rent;)

After my brother and sister in law left New York, I thought I should make a mini break from restaurants before my mom and sis arrive for Xmas and New Year…

The mini break literally lasted 3 days… Come on I am in New York, what should I do? stay home all day???? So I decided to join Lady Fleur and ma Rose Bon Bon for some shopping. After visiting a fur store, we off course ended up having lunch. This time we were at Bar Pitti. For the ones who don’t know this restaurant, it is located in West Village by Da Silvano. If you don’t know Da Silvano, well then open a gossip magazine to read which celebrity had lunch or dinner there or pass by to see the celebrities yourself and enjoy a delicious meal!!!

Anyway, back to Bar Pitti that serves Tuscan cuisine, and the menu is on a blackboards.

We had some appetizers such as “the Melanzane alla Parmigiana” (eggplants with cheese and mozzarella), some vegetables and a “Puntarelle Salad” (Catalonian chicory). Ok I am hungry again…
Then we shared a pesto pea risotto; I like risotto, I like peas, and the pesto sauce… yummy, but the combination of the three of them just didn’t work for me. I have to say the star dish for me , and I advise every single person to taste it; is “La Torta dellla Nonna”. It is a Tuscan custard pie with pine nuts and almonds, and it is just to die for…

The restaurant was as usual full. There were no celebrities this time (off course besides us ;) Lol) The crowd was composed of some regular customers and people living around looking for a delicious comfort food.

The service was good I guess. But then again how can you complain about Italians, even if they do something wrong, they smile, tell you some Italian words… and you forget why you were not happy.

Another successful lunch with my girls, delicious food and amazing company!!!!