After waiting for 8 years, I finally saw my girl having the happiness she deserved. I was in Milan for her wedding :)

As I don’t take the plane anymore for Milano (for the ones who don’t know, check my previous Milano adventures), I took the train. After two movies, I was in my cab bringing me to “The Gray” Hotel.

The Gray is situated just next to Rinascente and across the Duomo. It is a very modern boutique hotel with an amazing staff. The rooms are lovely, but a little small. On the other hand, let’s not forget we are in a boutique Hotel in Italy, and not in a chain hotel in the States.

My biggest problem will be, the thermostat in the room and the “do not disturb” sign. They both were in the same unit that works with the electricity. And you have power when you have the key in the wall.

I know you will all say, “you think everywhere is warm”, but I promise this time it was quite hot. The thermostat showed 27 degrees and not possible to set it lower. My plan was to keep the windows open while I was not in the room, so when I come back, could shut them and eliminate the street noise, and have cooler temperature.

Guess what? When you take your key, you lose power… you lose electricity, you lose the “do not disturb” sign as well, and your room becomes an open door for every staff in the hotel (who kept closing my window).

Not particularly clever their system!!! What happened to the old good “do not disturb” sign that you can hang on your door???

Anyway, this little problem, didn’t stop me to have the best time, and let’s be honest if you are in Milan, you don’t sit in your room, you just go out to walk and shop 