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Some people wake up early to go to work, some others for school, or even to catch a flight… but I woke up to meet up my girl for breakfast.
I know we are insane, but she is leaving for Turkey and we still haven’t done our “Breakfast at Balthazar.” So we decided to meet up at 7.30am.

If you have ever been to New York you should know that Balthazar is a restaurant that is always busy . You can “book” a table, if anyone answers to the phone, so you better go and put your name on the list. Every time we go there we become very creative to get quickly a table: we pretended that we had a booking and made a scandal, charmed the hostess (male or female), or even tipped the hostess.

But this morning no need to do all that…I was the first customer:) So picked my favorite table which is the corner booth, ordered my coffee and waited for my girl. Our typical breakfast is eggs benedicts, with extra hollandaise sauce on the side and crispy bacon… I know a very light way to start the day.
Do you remember when I told you sometimes I don’t wait for the week-end for my brunch fix? Well it was one of those days…

It was yummy as usual, if you go for lunch I highly advise you their fresh oysters from the bar and French Fries!!! And for the cold days their Onion Soup looks amazing, I am always sad that I cannot digest onion cause the cheese crouton on top of the soup looks to die for.

I would love to talk about the crowd, but beside us two crazies there were 5 other people… but normally it is full of everything: tourists, shoppers, or people meeting for business breakfast (not 7.30 am though) or lunch.

We ate and chatted until 9.30am and walked in Soho a little while to digest. As the stores open at only 10am, it was a great for my shopping diet… I can watch but not buy ;)

If I continue this restaurant marathon, believe me I might need to do a serious food diet as well!!!

In New York, brunch is a must for week-ends. Everybody meets over eggs and orders bloody marys or mimosas to celebrate the week-end. My favorite dish is eggs benedict with crispy bacon on the side, I wait the whole week for those poached eggs and the buttery hollandese sauce… (ok I just lied there sometimes i eat it during the week as well…)

So when my friends proposed Westville for brunch on Saturday, I off course checked their menus and was happy to have my favorite dish.

There is one thing I hate in New York though, it is either you have a reservation or not, they don’t let you sit at your table if everyone is not present. Even if say that we will order for the missing person. So on Saturday we were a group of six and as the sixth person was stuck in the traffic, so we had to wait standing for 40 minutes while they gave our tables to other people. Finally when we sat down, everybody was really hungry.

My friends who knew the place ordered some market dishes for the middle; artichokes with parmesan, beets with ricotta, brussel sprouts and polenta. After that we all ordered our dishes, I had my eggs benedict with a side of crispy bacon… and it was delicious!!! The others took sunny side up’s and scramble eggs with different sides. and as we were scared to not be full enough, we ordered french fries for the middle.

I can simply say each dish was more delicious than the other one. We were all happy, the only thing missing was bloody mary’s… I believe they don’t have the liquor license…
so a tip for you bring your own booze, and discretely pour it on your tomato juice ;)

The service is great, all the staff is adorable with you; they make you feel home and comfy. Now I understand why my friends are there every week-end for brunch, I might join them!!!
And I highly advise everyone to go… just be sure that you are all on time, so your waiting time for a table is less….