This week-end my jeweler from Istanbul came to Geneva for a private sale with his new Fall Collection.
Last year the expo was held at the hotel Cygogne, but this year they wanted a more prestigious hotel, so we picked Hotel President Wilson. They took the luxury suite and transformed it to a cozy living room, where the clients could come, admire the beautiful pieces while sipping their bubbles or wines.

The Fancy Jewelry has several stores in Istanbul, and a clientele from all over the world. This week-end was about their clients who live in Geneva, as well as the newbies.
The pieces were so beautiful, and I can proudly say, I tried all of them. Let me put you some pictures, so you would understand what I am talking about ;)

I was really impressed with Hotel President Wilson, and their services. It is already a beautiful hotel and their policy goes with Nat & The City policy: make the client feel special.

I just wished they would do more events to bring the crowd. The hotel is really beautiful, the flower arrangements would make blush Four Season… but it seems like someone who has a brand new home and is afraid that “the guests” would ruin the new and shiny furniture.
They have to do a Sunday Brunch to start with, everybody goes to la Reserve, cause it is the hotel hip for brunch. The Bar at President could be more hip, and they even have a DJ booth!!!

Anyway, now that the jewelry left, I have less bling bling during my days… And with this non-stop rain, I would need some sparkle to brighten my day.
Thanks god they left me some pieces, so contact me if you need some of my bling bling…. here are the pictures