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On my quest to find the best terrace for lunch in Geneva, I decided to give a shot to “Riverside Café” in Geneva. It used to be “Le Bleu Rhone” when I was living in Geneva couple of years ago and the food was correct. The beauty of this coffee is that you are directly sitting by the lake, and quite far from the traffic. The new decoration is beautiful, the chairs more comfy. My sister told me that she heard about their famous burgers, although I decided to stick to my filet de perches (perch filets).
The young girl serving us was all smiles and sweet; we placed our order in 5 minutes and had our appetizers in 10… while lunching we saw two another friends, who joined us. One of them took the burger and the other one the filet de perches like me. The waitress told me that unfortunately we won’t all receive our dishes at the same time, which was normal.
After 45 minutes I started to lose my patience and asked her if the cook went fishing my perches? She said that I was so right that she has already asked him 4 times. Finally after 55 minutes I receive a plate where the fish looked still alive, the fries soaked in oil. Tried to taste it, not only it wasn’t cooked but had no taste. My sister, who had ordered a cheeseburger, had a piece of cheese thrown on her ground beef.
I guess you all know what happened after. Called her and told her to take away this, cause I couldn’t accept a raw tasteless fish after waiting that long. My friend also said to cancel her order. And we both took burgers instead. Finally we got all the food, some salads missing, some salads we wished were missing cause they looked really tired. My burger off course with onions (that I told at the beginning of the lunch that I cannot eat) and tasteless. Thanks god the spot is nice and I was with friends because I would have returned everything and leave that place right away.
I think it is unacceptable that because a restaurant has a terrace, they have to hire incompetent cooks, incapable of cooking fish in 55 minutes. And the worst, the restaurant was almost empty, what would have happened if it was full? We would have never seen any food???
So Riverside Café has definitely capsized, and don’t think there is any hope to save it from sinking.

Something interesting happened in Geneva; this week-end … the sun was out. Don’t laugh it is a big deal for us sun deprived Geneva people. So everybody was out on the streets or near the lake. I have asked on my facebook business page, what was the people’s favorite spot for a sunny lunch. Sadly the best spots advised were Hotel terraces, their own terrace or Brasserie Lipp. I think it is sad that in a city around a lake we don’t have more terraces. Of course there is “Bain des Pacquis” that I call “Mare aux Canards” which literally translates by “the Duck Pond”… a tiny space with so many people that you can barely move. I agree the spot is great, we even did a private party for charity there couple of years ago, but for me sitting in a terrace and enjoying the sun should be a pleasure, not a torture where everybody sits on top of each other..
Anyway, so on Saturday I decided that I should stay at my apartment and enjoy my terrace, but as my terrace was literally cooking and I had no breeze, I ended up in front of TV, shades down, air on… On Sunday I decided that it was time to leave the apartment so I met a friend for tea at the Brasserie Lipp. Effectively it is a nice terrace, no cars passing buy, nice and quite spot… our tea lasted few hours until they came and asked us to leave cause our table was reserved for dinner.
I left my friend and met another one and we went to “La Nautique” for dinner. It is the Marina and Yacht club of Geneva built in 1872. This selective Geneva Club is membership only, and you need to have a boat and I think be sponsored to be able to become a member. My friend, have the membership card, it was a good thing because the minute we sat someone came and asked to see the card, and we had to put it on a little stand done especially for our table…. He told me that the cook finally changed and that finally the food is getting good. I never had a great food experience there, so I was quite happy to taste again.
We were lucky because it wasn’t over packed; I guess the tempest announced the weather channels scared more than one person… but not us ;) we even sat outside. The crowd was composed of families with lots and lots of kids, and people of a certain age, whom I believe were here before even “La Nautique” existed… The menu was quite big, but I had to change 3 times my appetizers because they had onions in them and as the food is prepared in advance, they cannot take it out. Now honestly I think it is a bit shocking coming from such a “selective club”. I am not a cook, but how much time it will take them to add the onions at the last minute? And leave that, now that I am thinking it was a quiet night… so it means that if someone wants a fish carpaccio or a fish tartare, the following day for lunch, is the club gonna give them the left over from the night before (or even before that) with all the ingredients in it, which means all the tastes confused??? Hmmm… I guess I am lucky that I didn’t eat that. When you see the price list, you expect fresh food, but I guess people don’t really mind. Anyway, my second course was “Filet de perches”. It is a “Filet of Lake Perch”; one of Geneva’s summer specialty dish. After they put some flour on the perch, they cook it with butter until it gets gold. Most of the time, they add some lemony butter on top as well, and you have to eat it with fries. Ok I am officially hungry again :)
Joke aside it is a great dish if the perch is fresh, because in winter they import from Canada, and off course they are frozen, and you can taste it. This one was really good, and the great part was the fries. They were crispy and tiny and delicious. I am not a French fries girl, but those didn’t stay long on my plate.
To finish our dinner we took a warm chocolate fondant cake to share, not really impressed as well, no chocolate was coming out of the not that warm cake. So conclusion, if you go to la Nautique to eat, just stick to the “Filets de Perches”.
For me it was a good way of finishing a week-end, good company, found a good dish and enjoyed a nice bottle of Chateau Minuty Rosee…