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This morning, I woke up again at 5am to catch my Milano flight. Now that Fly Baboo doesn’t operate on that line, I bought my ticket with Twin Jet, or as I will call it, the disaster. I should have sensed it when I poured the hot coffee on my jeans at home that my trip was going to be a hell.
I really think that the personnel at Geneva airport is just hired to be decorative, no one has any idea of nothing. And the ladies at Air France desk … well I guess if they spend a little less time on painting their face, they could actually be useful. One thing is sure they are not hired for their IQ. Believe me it was a challenge to check in, although my flight is Twin Jet, a sub company of Air France, I needed to check in with Dnata…. ohh and you have to call them so they can come to do your check in. The cherry on top of the cake was when “the super smart” guy behind the desk told me to make sure to go to the bathroom before the flight, as the plane didn’t have any WC.
When I saw the plane I got why, it seemed that a big plane spit that one… only 9 rows, and the pilot, who casually explained us what to do if we crash, pilot the plane in front of me. I guess if I weren’t scared for my life, I would find it cool to see him manipulate during takeoff and landing. After an hour of fear for my life, we arrived to Milano Malpensa where my luggage never came. They actually managed to lose a luggage that I saw them charging on the tiniest plane I saw in my life.
So here I am, in Milano with no clothes, no cable for my pc to charge it, and especially no news from the company. I keep calling the number they gave me, no one never picks up… you can imagine my frustration. When I arrived to Hotel Cavour, the front desk person wasn’t astonished about my situation. He told me that it happens a lot, and that he will try calling them as well, but I shouldn’t have too much hope.
I have chosen Hotel Cavour, because it is literally 2 minutes away from via della Spiga, but I didn’t expect my room being that bad. It was quite tiny, and my tv’s screen was smaller than my pc’s screen. I bought internet for 24 hours, but the connection was very low or inexistent, so I didn’t really manage to use it. So do I advise this hotel? Well I guess it depends on what you are expecting; if you just want a nice hotel, nice stay, nice people… shouldn’t be your first choice. But if you are looking for just a place to sleep by the happening area, go for it.
One of my reasons to pick that hotel up was also that it was 5 minutes away from Nobu. And off course I had to return and see my cute bartender Andrea, eat the yummy food, and just because I didn’t want to go back to my small room, go to “Prive”. It’s Armani Nobu’s night club. It was really fun, when we arrived I was the oldest person there, including the friend with whom I was. Then the crowd started to change, there was a mix of ages and professions. I even met a definitely working lady, who told that she was a “desperate housewife”. Believe me she didn’t look that desperate next to her client;)
As usual it was a successful Nobu night, and it kind of made me forget my horrible day… Let’s hope they find my suitcase tomorrow

Today I came to Milan, there are not lots of companies who does Geneva – Milano direct flights. I am used to take Baboo, my only problem is that the flight leaves at 7am from Geneva, which means I need to wake up at 4.30am, do I need to add more?
As usual Geneva airport was slow, and the flight short. Once in Milan airport, while waiting for my luggage, I noticed that the Italian custom guys, were more checking women passing by than actually the suitcases. That was the first sign telling me, you are in Italy…
Although I love Milan, I notice that whenever I come back to Milan, I spend most of my time in the car; it is not a distance problem, it is more a traffic problem. There is always a reason for traffic, a fashion fair, it is Friday, or Monday, or Tuesday, or an accident, or this or that. I guess it makes part of the charm and makes your destination the Promised Land. After spending more than an hour in the car, finally I arrived to destination. Today my mission is to find an evening gown, and my strategy is to go to some showrooms and then to go and explore all the boutiques in via Montenapoleone, and via della Spiga, basically the streets of whose who…
Well after spending hours in the traffic, walking until I couldn’t feel my feet, and trying I don’t know how many dresses… I still didn’t make my choice… which means tomorrow I am starting again. But I discovered an incredible designer. Giovanni Cavagna. He only sells at his showroom in Milan, and every piece is unique as he mixes different materials and most of his creations are hand stitched.
If you have an event and you want to have a one of a kind dress, you should definitely contact him.
I finish my day at a birthday party, which was held in a great space called 10wat. It looks like a big loft where you can rent any room you want, which are decorated in different styles. The party was happening in the Color room and Ethnic room. Two rooms with very modern decors, but the highlight was the bathroom, which was very big, where the bathtub was filled with water candles and flowers, and the walls where in glass.
Exhausted but happy I finished my first day in Milan… let’s see what tomorrow would reserve, and if I am going to find my dream dress..

Monday morning we went to see a fashion show, Federico Sangalli (http://www.federicosangalli.it/), he is one of the new upcoming designers. They had changed the time of the show, so I managed to see only the last 4 outfits that I liked a lot. And we went back stage to meet and congratulate him. I urge you to check his line.
In the afternoon I had meetings in Lugano, Switzerland and took a flight from Lugano to Geneva.
If you have never been to the airport of Lugano get ready… it is so small that it looks like a parking lot with mini planes. When you first arrive you feel the need to double check if you are at the right spot. Once you make your check-in, you cannot access to the gates, they open them only 45 minutes before the departure. Actually they are only 3 gates, and it looks like a waiting room of a doctor office. And the good point is that it is very clean, and thanks to the lack of extreme air traffic, you always leave on time.
I was quite happy to leave from Lugano instead of Milano Malpensa where it is a total chaos….