Monday morning I woke up, and decided it was time to do my spring cleaning… since the beginning of the year I am cleaning my life, and now it is big time to clean my body again. Cause let’s be honest between, the bubbles, and the vodkas on the rock, and my ciggies, I wasn’t really treating my body well.
I scheduled a hypnoses session to quit smoking on Tuesday and Wednesday I decided to go to my favorite clinic for detox and fasting in Germany.
So like an inmate in death row, I quickly prepared a “bucket list”, or i should say a “must eat” list, for my last meals.
And for my last meal I chose “L’Entrecote”, I am sure everybody knows what is Entrecote, but in case you don’t, it is the fancy version of Cafe de Paris in Geneva. I go to Entrecote twice a year and I enjoy myself fully.
Don’t lose my time with the salad, attack directly my beef almost alive, cause I like it blue rare, and to be sure that my beef and yummy french fries are soaking with the special sauce, I order some extra…
Entrecote is one of the forever places in Geneva, every person who visits the city, need to pass by and eat. They never take reservation, so even in the middle of the freezing winter; you will have people queuing outside.
The bad news is that Entrecote lost its battle and need to change its address latest by 2013. And there would be a luxury store instead… I personally think Geneva needs more restaurants like Entrecote, than luxury stores… and I would miss it…
If you plan to visit Geneva, come before 2013 so u can taste our yummy Entrecote!!!