In Istanbul, when a new restaurant opens, it becomes the place to be.

I prefer to wait and see if the fuzz continues after a while. Pipa is one of those restaurants. The first time I heard about it, and they explained me PiPa stands for pizza, pasta; I had my doubts…

My friends encouraged me to go and taste it. They told it is a nice place, and the food is “to die for”.

So during my last visit in Istanbul, I decided to try it.

The restaurant is located near Nisantasi, where I stay, so you can simply walk…

PiPa Restaurant Istanbul

PiPa Restaurant Istanbul

Let me tell you, if you don’t know where it is, you have to ask, as you cannot guess there is a restaurant in that building. When you finally find the entrance, black glass doors; you enter in a very modern designed, soft light, restaurant. The kitchen is open, and you have several bar seats.

We opted for a table, near the window.

The view? Some ugly and dirty buildings and people dusting their carpets from the balcony.

The service was nice; we ordered some appetizers to share and pizza as the main course. Unfortunately, all the appetizers were fried, and to be honest they all had the same taste.
The pizza was just I like it, very thin crust and delicious.
The good news is I won’t die for this food :)

It was a Wednesday, so not very full. The crowd composed of a bit of everything. Let’s bear in mind that it is summer, and they don’t have a terrace or garden.

And in Turkey not being able to smoke while having dinner, puts the restaurant at a big risk. Don’t underestimate the saying” “smoking like a Turkish”, we do smoke a lot ;)

My big shock was the price list… I couldn’t believe that a basic pizza coast 32TL which is roughly 18 USD. I understand we are in Istanbul, a big city, but this is supposed to be a pizzeria.

And for Turkey standards it is huge, I would have understood if we were in a fancy restaurant….

Would I return to PiPa? Not very sure. The décor is really beautiful, but they shouldn’t ask me to pay for it… and in my opinion, it won’t last long… unless they lower their prices.