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I have spent my first day in Istanbul with my mother and sister. We did some shopping and from there we went to have a lunch at “Papermoon”. The Milanese restaurant that opened in Istanbul, and since had a great success. It is located by “Akmerkez”, which is one of the first shopping malls in Istanbul. Whenever I visit the city, I need to have lunch there with my girls. My lunch is generally composed of lots of wine, and “Spaghetti alla Bottarga”, (botargo) which is a cured fish roe delicacy. I love it so much that even if it is not on the menu, I ask the chef to make it for me… and guess what this is Turkey, where service is the key word, so I always have it

This time, as I have spend so much time in Italy eating pasta in all its shapes and ways, I decided to change and took a “Carpaccio of Pesce Spada” (swordfish carpaccio) followed by a “Cotoletta Milanese”, the classical breaded veal that you can also call Wienerschnitzel. But let’s admit sounds less sexy and appealing.

So after having good food, good wine, watching the Istanbul socialites having their lunch, we left the restaurant to continue our errands. And go back to our hotels for some rest.

In the evening I was meeting some friends at Biber, which is a bar, restaurant where you can taste good wines or drinks while nibbling tapas. It is situated in Sortie
For the ones who have never been to Istanbul in summer and saw those spots let me try to describe it for you. Imagine a great space by the Bosporus, in the middle of the space you have a big lounge bar, and around you have 4 – 5 restaurants. And each year great restaurants rent for summer those spaces (no kidding, they have to afford the rent…) and Biber is on the right of the main Bar, just by the water.

Biber is the hot spot this summer, everybody goes for happy hour and stays until wee hours, and I understood why… Service great, music and crowd great. Great selection of wine and yummy food…. And the best? It is not expensive!!!! So no kidding it is the happening spot, they found the secret ;)
So after staying there for a very long time, we decided to leave but were not ready to sleep yet… and some of us were hungry after all that chatting and drinks. So we took a cab and went to Kircicegi, which is in Ortakoy. It is a restaurant open 24/7, and has the best pide. The best way to describe a pide is Turkish folded pizza, the fold the pastry like a little boat and they fill in with whatever you want. The best combinations starts with Kasar cheese (Turkish parmesan), and then you add sucuk (Turkish spicy sausage) or pastirma (Turkish cured beef), or simply ground beef… I mean you have thousands of possibilities, and they are all yummy yum yum…

To sum it all, another “healthy” day, lots of food, lots of drinks and lots of shopping… but guess what, it is the pleasure of life…. so it is worth it. I would be healthy again when the sun would go away. And it is a crime to not eat in Turkey, and a bigger crime to not drink when you are with friends… and well you know me and shopping ;) ))

I know I know it has been a while that I didn’t write anything on my blog… well because after I returned from Rome, went to Turkey for a week to take care of my brother’s munchkins. And off course if I were in Istanbul, I would have shared all the happening stuff, but I was in Mersin; my little Mediterranean town, where basically nothing happens.
I normally go there either just to see the family and have a food coma, all the food that reminds me my childhood… so I try not to stay long just to not gain that much weight ;)
To arrive there is a challenge, from Geneva you take the first flight to Istanbul, then a second flight to Adana, and then you have 60 km to drive to arrive to Mersin. All this with Turkish Airlines, I have to admit they are quickly becoming a great company, but I was shocked that in Istanbul no one checked my ID. Between the time I arrived to the lounge and boarded, I have talked with 4 or 5 employees about my seat or my plane, and not one single person asked to see my ID. So I basically could have stolen someone else’s ticket and travel. You will tell me how many people would steal a ticket for Adana… but still…
As I have spent my days running around with the kids, I haven’t discovered any secret spots, although I would advise every person in this whole world to taste Tantuni. It’s a street food; basically beef prepared in a special sauce wrapped in bread. Whenever I am far from Mersin, I dream about it. I think I buy my Tantuni from the same shop for 15 years now. Whenever I am in town they do their yearly profit as I basically have to eat every day, and trained my niece who became a fan as well.
So beside the love fest that I got from the kids, and the food coma that I entered, nothing really special to report. It was just great to have a week off from travelling. Now back to Geneva, with few extra pounds, but definitely rested and ready to discover new summer spots…
In my plans have definitely New York and Istanbul, but also St Tropez, Portofino, Forte dei Marmi and Morocco …