On Thursday night, we decided to meet up with a friend and catch up. Before dinner, we passed by the Hotel Beau-Rivage for their Christmas party.

The moment we entered the lobby, a strong BBQ smell hit us. Once we collected the name tags we entered “the party” room. The theme was Latino, but besides the great band reminding me Socialista Social Club, and the welcoming staff member dressed in a white suit…. It could have been a backyard BBQ for bankers.

It was also a celebration of chocolate as well, and the most impressive part of the night was the sculptures and dresses made out of chocolate.

They offered us bubbles at the entrance, don’t want to be negative but they were warm and not fizzy enough. They had a cocktail bar where you could find mojitos and daiquiris. The wine and spirits bar were installed outside, at the terrace… where people could also smoke.

The BBQ stand was outside also; I know that our society tries to punish smoking people, but to fume them with stinky bbq smell, I think it is pushing it too far. What is gonna be the next step? Inking them with a smoker sign????

In the mean time, if you wanted another glass of champagne, you had to hold on to your glass (even empty) and hope that someone with a bubble bottle will pass by. I made the ultimate mistake and left my glass. When I finally found someone with a bottle, instead of him trying to get me a glass, he asked me to go and get an empty glass…. so I had to go around look for an empty glass.

Off course once I had the empty glass, I had to look again for the bottle man … all this for my second warm glass of bubbles…

Wait a second? Isn’t Beau-Rivage a 5 star hotel? So correct me if I am wrong; shouldn’t the service be impeccable? As the smelling BBQ and the service were bad, I guess they invested their total budget on the music band …

So, after spending an hour at the stinky latino place and chasing warm bubbles, I decided it was time to get my dignity back and leave.

The burnt meat smell was so impregnated on me that even dogs on the street looked at me like a giant piece of meat… and usually that look is exclusive for men ;)

Quirinale was full, and as always they first told us we couldn’t eat at the bar….and as usual we ended up eating at the bar.

It was calmer than a regular Thursday; there were the usual suspects: “estheticians” (the special ladies that refuse to admit they want your money in exchange of favors) and men looking for them… My friend and I ended up chatting with two man: a romantic and a metrosexual. They had a better dinner experience at “Patara” (the Thai restaurant of the Hotel Beau-Rivage)than our party.

Ohh… and guess what? I ordered a bottle of champagne, and finally had my crispy fizzy bubbles that I was craving all night!!!