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Money Lisa 2009 - acrilique on 12 American original banknotes

Money Lisa 2009 - acrilique on 12 American original banknotes

My friend, who owns Minerva Fine Arts, organized a great exposition of one of her artists, “Antonio Natale”. He is known to paint on banknotes that are not in circulation anymore, and I love every single piece of it. And after seeing his success, I guess I am not the only one who likes this talented artist from Puglia.

We decided that after the exposition we would all go and have dinner at “Luigia”.

As you all know by now, Luigia is the new happening restaurant of Geneva. You can find from teenagers to jeweled up Geneva ladies, passing by the hip crowd having dinner side by side. You will think that not being able to book for a table (so sometimes even waiting for 45 minutes), would stop the flow… in the contrary it seems that every time I go, there are more people waiting for a table.
I guess the great food and ambiance helps a lot; as some people would say: “you have the feeling to be in Italy”.
Some complains about the noise, but again… although it is the “to go” place, it remains a pizzeria. If you want a quit spot, go to an Auberge.

As we were going to be around 20, I booked upstairs, the private section. So this time we didn’t wait long, just the time to set the table.
Before everybody has decided for their main plates, we ordered some “Chiacchiere” (fried pizza dough) for the middle with cold cuts and buffalo; unfortunately they were out of mozzarella, so they replaced with other yummy cheese.
As main course, some took pasta with aubergines that looked to die for, some went for pizzas, and I took the “Veal Marsala” (sweet wine from Sicily). The veal was tender and the Marsala sauce was really delicious.

Although we were upstairs (so easy to be forgotten), we had an amazing service. My only complaint would be that we had to leave around midnight; I wish Luigia had an annex for after dinner… because everybody was in a great mood, and we would have stayed longer.

So my Italian evening was a success, great expo, great food, great service, and beside some people who were on a bad mood, amazing company!!!!

Have you heard about Luigia??? The new Italian restaurant in Geneva and also the new who is who spot of Geneva…

The owner has already a great success with Capocaccia in Confederation Centre, where every Thursday, we enjoy the Milanese happy hour (where you have access to a big buffet of delicious Italian appetizers while you sip your drink) with the sound of a great DJ.
Couple of weeks ago, they organized a 3 day tasting for friends. I thought it was a genius idea to go as clients check the food, the service and see if we could give any suggestions. To be honest beside few seasoning adjustment on the food we didn’t need to add anything.

The “official” opening of “Luigia would be early September, but in the mean time the restaurant is open every day, and let me tell you full at every service.

So few days ago when my sister act group (sorry that is an inside joke….) got together, I told them let’s go to Luigia, you need to see it. It was one of those nights where Geneva streets were empty. I thought to myself “I hope there would be few people at least at the restaurant”…. oh well they wanted a relaxed evening anyway …
But when we started walking through the alley and see the Luigia inscription written with lights, I understood why the streets were empty, everyone was at Luigia ;)
And when I say everyone, I am not exaggerating… I saw so many familiar faces that I had the feeling I was more networking than dining ;)

The restaurant has a great vibe, when you enter, you just smile. For me the great fun is the high tables in the middle of the restaurant where you can eat as well. And leave eating you can check out who is coming in and who is leaving, you have a better view of the room ;)

And I know that they are going to create a mini restaurant for kids, with lower tables and chairs: with an adult taking care of them. So when the parents go to dinner, the kids can have fun in their own restaurant and meet other kids!!! I believe the idea is genius.

We decided to share the “Chiacchiere Mozzarella”, the chiacchiere are puff pastry strips, that normally is prepared like a desert (sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar) during the Carnival. The restaurant Luigia serves it for desert with nutella, but as an appetizer as well.

Some of us took a pizza; the others pasta and one friend took the mussels… well let me tell you everything was delicious…
I highly recommend the “Pizza Luigia” and you will tell me about it…

So in few words: the crowd is great, the food is delicious… the service???? I think it adds a “je ne sais quoi” when all the stuff is Italian. They are smiling and they speak French, it sounds like Italian…
You know how I like Italy, Italian food, and Italian men…. So for me it is a big big plus ;) )))

I am so happy that there is something new and worth it in Geneva… Move away Da Paolo, there is a new pizzeria in town and it is called Luigia!!!!