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We decided to go to my best friends house last night for dinner. Everybody was gonna bring something. I ordered my beef from Fresh Direct ( I believe it is the freshest products in the city) so I could marinate them for the bbq at night.

While my meat was resting in their savory juice, I met up with friends at “Serafina”. There are several Serafina’s all around the city, but the only one that i know and i go is the one located on 61st street between Manana (Mexican), and Geisha (Japanese) restaurants. They all have the same owner.

I like it a lot , but the problem is if you are a small group, they don’t let you book a table. So you have to go there and wait. But they don’t even take your name if you are not all there… As our friend was stuck in traffic, we had to wait 20 minutes, until she makes it and a next table opens… I seriously think it is a ridiculous system in the states.

And the hostesses were everything but sweet… What is it with all these wanna be models and actresses with their non smiling faces? Is it my fault if they didn’t make it? They should have simply slept with more people or I don’t know be more beautiful and talented…

I understand they have a power trip on tables… but come on!!! smile a little more so you might even get a tip.
Thanks god the service stuff was much better.

It is known for its brick oven pizzas and pastas, but I took my usual plate, “Beef Carpaccio with Warm Black Truffle Sauce and Boiled Potatoes”. What do you know, truffle again;) We ordered an artichoke salad for the middle, and while one friend took the goat cheese salad, the other took the salmon. The food was really good. We behaved and didn’t have any bubbles or wine…

The crowd was a bit of everything; lots of shoppers in their retail therapy break, some families, and some cuties… without forgetting the Madison Avenue ladies with lots of makeup and jewelry…

So if I sum it up, good food, ok service and good crowd… and most importantly one block away from Barneys….what a girl can want more???

I don’t know if you have been to Geisha in NYC, but it is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in town. I like their sushi because beside the fact that they are fresh and tasty, they use little rice so I feel the fish and not only the rice when I eat..
With my girl we have to go there at least once every other week. So yesterday with the bad weather and all, we decided to go to have our fix…

When I arrived, the restaurant was still packed. We ordered our regular dishes: chicken salad to share. It looks like a regular chicken salad but the miso sesame vinaigrette makes the whole difference. And believe me we tried to replicate it, it is never exactly the same taste.
We also ordered some sushis to share. I highly advise the White Tuna Crunch Roll. It is spicy hawaiian white tuna rolled with potato crunch, asparagus, topped with creamy avocado and slices of white tuna. You just want to order more and more.

By the way if you go at night, you have a bigger selection of sushis; including one with truffles called Black Truffle Tuna Sandwich, where you have diced tuna, black truffles, avocado and chives, topped with micro greens, served with spicy truffle vinaigrette… I don’t think I need to say that it is amazing.

I always order the same food but this time we ordered a new dish: the Tartar Trio, where you can sample spanish mackerel, yellowfin tuna and salmon tartar. Each of them is more delicious than the other one.

The food was as good as always, the service was a mix. We had the over happy and nice lady who check on us times to times; a model wannabe hostess who was so skinny that I wanted to throw her food (and maybe manage to make her smile), an ok waitress who took our order, and lost busboy (the “assistant” of the waiter).

Little info; in the states the restaurants have a specific chain of command: you have the hostess that welcomes you, the maitre d’ who checks if everything is fine, the waiter who takes your order, and the busboy who serves you. Generally the busboys are latinos and half of them don’t know a word of English. They don’t need to as they only serve you water and bring your dish.
But when you leave a tip (and in the US the service is not included and you have to add 15 – 20% to your final bill); the waiter gets a higher percentage than your busboy. I think it is unfair, car besides writing your order, and speaking English the waiter doesn’t do much… whereas the busboy runs around to serve!!!

Anyway, so that was my lunch, if you are shopping at Bloomingdales, or Barneys, or even you are doing your Madison Avenue shopping, “Geisha” is the perfect spot for lunch.

All my friends know that I am a shoe addict, when I see a pair that I love, I need to have them, and sometimes I am ashamed of the price that I put in shoes. Once of my bosses in the past even proposed me to pay with shoes instead of money. What can I say some people invest in property, I invest in shoes…

I have purchased my first Louboutin, couple of years ago when I first created my company in NY to congratulate myself… I had to have one, because I thought it was very sexy wearing those red sole pumps.
You have to understand, wearing a Louboutin is not that easy, you have to have very thin toes, otherwise you might need to cut your fourth finger. At the beginning, I remember having tears in my eyes cause I wanted to keep them all night long.
But with time you learn, some put some Vaseline in their toes (be careful to not put too much cause you risk the fly), my trick is to buy a size bigger to have more space in the front, and believe it or not train myself to wear them. And it works; now I have several “les putains” as I call them and they are among my most comfy shoes.

When I moved back to Geneva, I was very sad, because there was only one store selling them but only basics that I already owned, so I needed to travel again to buy them.
But good news Geneva, since December, Geneva has its own Louboutin store…
I have tried to be strong and not go to the store, but today I had to go… come on, I just came from detox and lost weight, and when some people buy clothes to celebrate that, I need to buy shoes ;)
So after lunch I went to their store in rue du Rhone (which is our Via Montenapoleone, or our Madisson Avenue). It is a beautiful store on two levels, I highly advise to check upstairs as well, the working staff is very helpful and sweet. And the most important, they have a great selection, and they have sizes.
While I was trying my future adopted kids, the store was very busy. And almost everyone was leaving with at least one pair of “les putains”.
I guess the crisis is not touching the sexy red sole pumps in Geneva!!!!