“Via Tornabuoni”, if I literally translate it, it would be “the street that returns good”….
Do I need to add more about this famous shopping street in Florence? All my friends were there; Prada, Fendi, Cavalli, Channel, Valentino just to cite my favorites… and they had the whole new Fall collection. No need to say I did some retail therapy, and guess what??? even forgot to eat…

I had an expresso at Cavalli’s Café called “Caffe Giacosa”… passed by the famous mozzarella bar Obikà. It is a new restaurant concept which centers its offering on the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, together with the research of recipes and artisanal products typical of the Italian tradition.
In other words it is like a sushi bar (let’s admit even the name sounds like Japanese), but instead of sushis the chef prepares different kind of Mozzarella.

After doing some damage, checked out from the hotel and drove to Florence airport. My flight back was short, an hour and 15 minutes.
And when arrived to Geneva, I was curious to know if my car would be there, because I had decided to try a car service called “Parking Friend”.

It is basically a service that picks up your car from the departures, and brings it back at the arrivals when you are back. It coast much less than the airport parking, and you can ask them to wash, or even do some mechanical work.
They have a website, so when my sister asked me, if it was secure to leave my car with the keys to a stranger, I told her, I don’t think they planned a big scheme to steal my Fiat Panda. I hope for them that they have bigger targets… lol.

But in the back of my head, I was thinking, what if… anyway, good news!!! my Panda was all clean waiting for me at the airport. And I really liked the efficiency of Parking Friend. When you make the calculations, it comes to cheaper to take your car and ask them to hand wash, than take a taxi (and we all know how Geneva taxi’s are expensive), and bring it to parking de Rive, where they hand wash superficially and you pay a lot….

OMG, I am already back in Geneva, I need to plan my next trip!!!!