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Le Bistrot Dumas, is one of those neighborhood restaurants that attract not only customers living around, but also customers who appreciate a great Bouchon Lyonnais.

A bouchon is a type of restaurant found in Lyon, France. It serves traditional Lyonnaise cuisine, which is quite fatty and heavily oriented around meat.

At the beginning, it was owned by Patrice and Marie Baleno, who decided to sell it in 2000 in order to visit the world in their bike.

The new owner, Herve del Puppo, kept the same menu for several years. Only in the recent months he decided to change it with his new chef Habib Ajroudi.

Although I loved the old menu, let me tell you, I adore the new one.

Last week, I went with my Italian friend who recently moved to Geneva. He knows all the new and hip restaurants, but I like to take him to the old and real spots in Geneva. Where the quality of the food stays always excellent, and we have no risk seeing it closed if we go the following week or month.

I was on a diet, and planned to eat light. All my plans collapsed once I entered the restaurant. Diet what?!? With the smells coming out of the kitchen, I was simply starving.

I took the “Octopus Carpaccio” to start with, he went with the “Snail Cassoulet”. Now I know that some people have reservations when it comes to snails. But as you know it is not about the snail, it is about the sauce that they cook the snails. Generally it is with garlic butter, at Dumas they added some cream and white wine.

I dipped my bread in his sauce; I can confirm it is simply delicious and “very light”.

For the main course, I had the “Classic Beef Tartare”, and he had “The veal chop with Dumas Butter”. Just to keep in mind they have four different kind of tartare. Mental note: When I stop pretending to be on a diet, I need to try the tartare with the Dumas butter.

The Bistrot Dumas has a great wine list. We opted for a bottle of St Estephe (a burgundy).

Once again, I left happy the restaurant, and if I am not wrong I brought them a new client, as my Italian friend is thinking to return and bring his parents 

Bistrot Dumas can be a neighborhood restaurant, but believe me even if you don’t live around, it is worth the trip.

We decided to take the hour drive to Forte dei Marmi, to meet up for lunch with friends. They had discovered a new restaurant by the beach, and wanted to see the lovely town a last time before the summer ends.

I have joined my friends and their baby at Principe’s restaurant… no need to say with excellent food. As we were stuck in traffic, just managed to make it around 3pm, and due to the end of season and late time, we were the only ones.
So no need to say amazing service as we were the only table to be served …
We all followed the chef suggestion, and I still lick my fingers to the idea of the first dish… Scampis wrapped in bacon fat in a tomato sauce…. I mean come on how can it be bad when bacon is involved!!! And this the tomato sauce … let me tell you it’s story
This tomato sauce is simply unique… It is best done at the end of July or on the first 20 days of August, when the sun is very hot, so the tomatoes will be very dry and perfectly ripe.
After leaving the tomatoes in the sun for 4 – 5 days, you layer them in a jar, add some dried basil and cover it with olive oil. They are ready for consumption two weeks later… and guess what just on time for my visit in Forte dei Marmi;) off course this preparation that took a long time didn’t resist 10 min on our table… leave eating it with the scampis, we attacked it with the warm focaccia as well…
Oh and we thought we didn’t have enough calorie intake so had a plate of spaghetti all’astice (lobster spaghetti) each. I know I know… what happened to my diet? I guess food happened :)
And to accompany all this we had a nice bottle of white wine, actually two cause one was not enough, lol

So after this “light” and “non alcoholic” lunch, we walked around town, so we could digest and do some shopping… I have to say, you could feel more in Forte the end of season than in Portofino.

That night we decided to have a light dinner, and went to “O Magazin” in Portofino. First of all, I would like to advise all the high heel lover ladies to be careful when they walk on the piazzetta. As it is full of stones… well they can fall while trying to walk… I did (thanks god it was late and nobody really saw me)
And the second advise is get ready to get some attitude at “O Magazin”, we nearly begged the staff to serve us… they were so full of themselves that they passed few times in front of us without asking if we were ready, or done…
The two owners, with their collars up, were walking around like two proud peacocks with more attitude than what they should really do; serve!!!!
True their food is great; the octopus carpaccio and the sea bass are to die for… but I would not advise it to anyone… unless you want to be ignored…Hey maybe they are French… you know the waiters that are trained to give you an attitude and make you feel you are so privileged to dine at their restaurants.

Let’s say it doesn’t work for me, and highly recommend you to avoid it… especially when there are so many other amazing restaurants in Portofino….