With my girlfriend we love to select some days, and go to Soho. Our Soho days either starts with breakfast at “Balthazar”, or lunch at “Ciprianni”, or another restaurant in the area. And beside the usual Soho shopping, we do our t shirt shopping on Broadway (that includes old navy and gap).
As during this trip I decided to not shop, we just did our little stop at old navy, and decided to go to “Pullino’s” which opened in March 2010.
Pullino’s is the new baby of Keith Mc Nally; if the name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe his other restaurants will… Odeon, Pravda, Balthazar, Pastis, Morandi or Minetta Tavern are the ones that I personally love… The only problem with Pullino’s is that it is only pizza, and we wanted more options. So decided to keep it for another day and tried to find another restaurant.
Most of the restaurants were either full or closed and finally we sat at “Delicatessen”… It is located at the crossroads of soho and nolita, and has a menu composed of all day breakfast and comfort American food.

The room is in wood and metal with wall to wall mirror, with a nice terrace. Although it was 2pm, the restaurant was busy. They seated us next to a table that looked very hip hop, and between us I think they were celebrities as paparazzi was around to take their picture. Otherwise the rest of teh crowd was composed of cute boys and lots of families.

I ordered a tuna tartare (I know again) but specified that no onion, no shallots or chives… and guess what… it came with full of onions in it; when I told the waiter, he tried to convince me that those were not onions. I mean I guess at my age I know how an onion smells or tastes likes..
Anyway, after discussing for 5 minutes, he finally admitted that these were onions and replaced it. In the mean time I ate my my artichoke and spinach dip with parmesan cheese and truffle oil. My friends took a cob salad and a chicken salad. The food overall was ok.

Would I go back there? Yes if I am in the neighborhood and cannot find another restaurant… and if you are in the neighborhood and you are hungry, you should give a try;)

That night after my zumba class I met my friend at “Tribecca Grand”. She is the event planner there, and we decided to take a drink at the bar… off course the drink became drinks, and some friends joined us, and we ended up eating at the bar… It wasn’t very full but we had a great time… good food and good cocktails.
After Tribecca Grand we crossed the street and hit “Macao”. It is a restaurant that serves Asian-Portuguese fusion food.

We went downstairs where between the lights and the atmosphere you have the feeling to be in an underground bar. Some of us was still hungry so we ordered some rice, pork and crab dumplings… everything was delicious. Than tempted by the music, we danced until they closed the place…

What can I say another late night with lots of liquid and fun time in NY… thanks god I worked out a little so I feel less guilty ;)