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Last night I went with a friend to the terrace opening of Hotel Le Richemond in Geneva. At the beginning I thought they were opening a new terrace and was really wondering where it could be, as although the hotel is beautiful, it doesn’t have that kind of space.
And off course with my luck it was pouring outside….The hotel has a valet parking, but only for expensive cars. And as they refused my little Fiat Panda last year, they lost me as a client, and normally I never go there.
Last night wanted to give another chance, and also was quite curious to see the opening of a terrace under the rain.
After struggling for a parking spot we arrived at the hotel. The Terrace opening was obviously happening indoors, and the “Terrace” is actually the little patio of the restaurant where they put normally 3 tables. They just organize this drink, to announce the summer, and the BIG opening of their terrace, which is between us smaller than my terrace at home.
The minute that we entered two people asked us if we would like to coat check and a third one offered us a drink, then we started to circulate sipping our bubbles, tasted few appetizers walking around. For me the hit was “the filet de boeuf” bite with Bearnaise sauce (unfortunately saw it only once).
The crowd was different than usual Geneva crowd, I actually believe that these people were there because they were the hotel clients, and wanted to make connections and not the usual crowd who enters because they see the light and they want free booze and food.
When we finally decided to leave, two ladies who were behind a flower stand, gave us a little bag with red and white paeonies, which was a nice touch.
I really liked the welcome and the good bye, made few connections, so it was a good night after all. I guess Le Richemond really wanted to announce the summer; it is just the Geneva forecast which was against it…

I thought it was time to go finally to the Geneva Motor Show, come on it is one of Geneva’s biggest events…
Before getting to my journey, let me explain you something about Geneva. As it is not a very big city, but still metropolitan, so the airport is 5 km from the city center and has direct connections to expressways, bus lines and railways (SBB-CFF-FFS). So traveling from Geneva is very easy… and the Motor Show takes place at Palexpo, which is by the airport, which means not that far from the city.
So although I decided to go on a week-end, and I knew there would be traffic, I couldn’t believe when I got blocked on the road just after the lake. Thanks God I was with my sister, so we could chat during our an hour journey to the “Promised Land”. We had all the way these traffic polices who would try to direct us to park before the Palexpo, and take the bus… But my sis and I decided that we were not tourist and we would find a way to park close by and not have the hassle to wait for the bus. Finally after an hour and 10 minutes of drive, we were parked at l’Arena (which is by the airport as well) and walking towards the show.
It was very packed, so we checked the map and decided a specific route to not lose time and leave before it gets crazier.
Inside the Halls; where the cars are exposed it was so warm that we could barely breath… we tried to see the cars, but there were so many people that we didn’t even manage to approach them. And the cherry on top of the cake was the Porsche stand. They had put a barrier all around so you couldn’t get in, so people where lining around, trying to get in as if it was a new hip club opening and you had to be in the list to access. And as we all know that is the trick for the new clubs, they don’t let people in with the excuse of “it is a private party” or “you are not on the list”. Therefore there is a big line outside, and makes people even more want to see what it is all about. And believe me from my own experience, 80% of those clubs are actually empty… it is just an illusion and a great marketing trick.
But unfortunately for Porsche we could see inside “the barriers”, only 5 cars and sales people. They looked more like caged zoo animals, and I felt like looking for a sign saying “please do not feed the animals”
But wait, isn’t the car show supposed to be “The” place where people can have access to the cars they would normally not? I mean isn’t it the whole purpose of it? what are they afraid of? that someone is gonna touch the car? and then what? every stand had someone cleaning the cars, can’t Porsche afford one???
Honestly, if they wanted to make a statement, it didn’t really work for me, and the worst because of them I almost fainted because there was so many people outside that I was blocked between a stinking men and and hit by the back pack of another men…
So after an hour and 10 minutes of traffic, we did the show in 50 minutes so we couldn’t take it anymore. If you ask which cars I saw, I cannot even answer you, the only thing that I saw was people, and cars from a distance.
Maybe I should stick to their website and the news so I can really see the cars, and go to their showroom if I want to approach the cars.
I have spent more than two hours in my car (let’s not forget the traffic on the way back), to go and come back from La Terre Promise and personally it wasn’t worth it!!!