My first day in New York is off course to check what is happening on Madison Avenue… Madison Avenue in NY is the high fashion street in the city. All the big fashion brand stores are aligned next to each other, just to tempt you with their latest collection. So with my friend we started on 60th street and Madison; and walked up to the end (which is for me where the Ralph Lauren store is).
And crossed the street to walk down until we reached Barneys… I was trying very hard to stick to my new resolution, just window shopping not buying anything.

Who am I kidding? When I arrived to the shoe department, my only thought was “do they have it in my size???”
But the good news is I only adopted one pair of Prada and we all know it is a big progress for me :)

When I do Madison Avenue, I have to stop a “Bilboquet” for lunch. Bilboquet is a tiny French bistrot just on the corner of Madison and Cavalli store, where I basically lunch every time I am around Madison avenue…
Bilbo owes its success to the non reservation policy (you know when people cannot get in, they believe they are missing something) , and good food. And it is the who’s who of Madison. You and I won’t recognize them, but New York socialites love to hang out there.

And on Saturdays, when you go to brunch (and I highly advise to be there before 1am if you want to eat before the evening…)it is full of party people who dance on the tables. So basically you eat, you drink and then by dancing you eliminate all the calories… ohhh and you have fun!!!

I have started my lunch with the tuna tartare (i know it is my new thing, i have to eat it everywhere) which was fresh and delicious, followed by the special of the day, the veal with mustard sauce… it was delicious. I was so hungry that I even forgot to take a picture of it to post for you. Promise, next time!!!

The great thing? We managed to ask them to keep us a table outside. I know I wrote “no reservation policy”…but we all know the rules are done for the exceptions to occur ;)
Let me tell you we were lucky to be the “exceptions”, because I saw many people waiting a long time on the side walk just to have lunch.

So in other words….
Beautiful weather? Check.
Shopping? Check.
Good food? Check.
Great company? Check.

It seems that I just had a perfect day… and it is only my first day in New York!!!!