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As you know by now, Sundays in Geneva are the most boring day because everywhere is closed, but in Milan most of Sundays the stores are open, depending if there is a fair or close to Xmas. And this Sunday some stores told me they would be open.
So we decided to have a brunch, then to go and do some more retail therapy. “Radetzky cafe” is full of cute boys and girls. You see that everybody made an extra effort, in case they meet someone… They don’t take reservations, and unfortunately the weather was cold and windy so we waited for a table inside and didn’t seat at the nice terrace. The inside room is all white with high ceilings. You have some individual and some commune tables. The only problem is that it has too much echo, so you barely communicate. But the food is great, although the service was a bit slow at my taste.
We were at a commune table, where we had Montezemolo (the owner of Tween and his brother is the Chairman of Ferrari and Fiat) and his family, and a couple who I believe came out from starvation. While we were waiting for our dishes, they swallowed four dishes, and the girlfriend almost lost her fingers in the process of licking her fingers to not miss a crumb. And to complete this charming scene, they were eating each others face between each bite.
Telling you very entertaining, wished I had cute guys next to me, but this was fun as well.
Unfortunately this Sunday most of the stores were closed. So we ended up having teas and coffees at Armani cafe. the decor all in black and red is cold, but that was not the problem, they were adorable with us and my friend’s dog. But when I opened the menu I was shocked how they were pricing things. If you take a tea at the bar is 3 Eur, but if you take it at a table it costs you 6 Eur, so every drink is doubled or more if you want to have them at your table. Which means if you are a table of 10, you will pay 60 Eur instead of 30 Eur just because you want your tea at the table and not standing at the bar… plus tip!!!
I guess Armani is not making enough profits with the clothes, the flowers, the furniture, the accessories, the cosmetics and the chocolates, so he decided to rip people off with his teas and coffees…
Oh well, I guess next time I would chose Trussardi cafe where they do it more discretely ;)

Today I came to Milan, there are not lots of companies who does Geneva – Milano direct flights. I am used to take Baboo, my only problem is that the flight leaves at 7am from Geneva, which means I need to wake up at 4.30am, do I need to add more?
As usual Geneva airport was slow, and the flight short. Once in Milan airport, while waiting for my luggage, I noticed that the Italian custom guys, were more checking women passing by than actually the suitcases. That was the first sign telling me, you are in Italy…
Although I love Milan, I notice that whenever I come back to Milan, I spend most of my time in the car; it is not a distance problem, it is more a traffic problem. There is always a reason for traffic, a fashion fair, it is Friday, or Monday, or Tuesday, or an accident, or this or that. I guess it makes part of the charm and makes your destination the Promised Land. After spending more than an hour in the car, finally I arrived to destination. Today my mission is to find an evening gown, and my strategy is to go to some showrooms and then to go and explore all the boutiques in via Montenapoleone, and via della Spiga, basically the streets of whose who…
Well after spending hours in the traffic, walking until I couldn’t feel my feet, and trying I don’t know how many dresses… I still didn’t make my choice… which means tomorrow I am starting again. But I discovered an incredible designer. Giovanni Cavagna. He only sells at his showroom in Milan, and every piece is unique as he mixes different materials and most of his creations are hand stitched.
If you have an event and you want to have a one of a kind dress, you should definitely contact him.
I finish my day at a birthday party, which was held in a great space called 10wat. It looks like a big loft where you can rent any room you want, which are decorated in different styles. The party was happening in the Color room and Ethnic room. Two rooms with very modern decors, but the highlight was the bathroom, which was very big, where the bathtub was filled with water candles and flowers, and the walls where in glass.
Exhausted but happy I finished my first day in Milan… let’s see what tomorrow would reserve, and if I am going to find my dream dress..