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So as I have told you last night it was les “les Vendanges de Genève; which is”The Grape Harvest of Geneva”.

After last year’s success, this year they decided to repeat the experience. The principle is simple: all the stores in Rue du Rhone (Geneva’s high end fashion street), and each store offers you a different wine to taste…

How to have access? Well you need to receive an invitation from a store and rsvp. Believe me between my mom, my sis and I we had quite a few invitations… I guess we are all shopaholics $) Anyway, and to be able to visit all the stores, you go to the store where you rsvp and they give you a bracelet.

Last year it was much stricter, but this year, stores were literally giving away the bracelets… I am happy for some people who didn’t receive an invitation. On the other hand call me snob if you want, but I thought this year it was too chaotic…

It was nice because they had installed tents on the sidewalks with music… the Geneva streets that are normally empty after 7pm, were black with people drinking and chatting. Let’s say a giant open air happy hour spot !!!!

The crowd… well basically all Geneva, either because they are direct clients, or they have a friend who received several invitations…

The fun part, everybody was looking for something else… You had some looking for stores who gave up good food…. Some who didn’t like wine… looking for bubbles … some looking for hot girlzz or boyzz ….

You see I would have been looking for all of the above, but as I am still trying to get rid of the spaghettis and foccacias of this summer…. no alcoholic drinks and no finger food for Nat. And about boyzzz… well for that I need a whole new blog ;) ))

Overall fun night, I say bravo Geneva, you really are trying… And I seriously think they should do a similar event just the last Thursday before Xmas… with lots of bubbles… so it would be an amazing way for people to get together before vacations, and finally a fun and great way to do the Xmas shopping!!!!

Shall we start a petition?!?!

All my friends know that I am a shoe addict, when I see a pair that I love, I need to have them, and sometimes I am ashamed of the price that I put in shoes. Once of my bosses in the past even proposed me to pay with shoes instead of money. What can I say some people invest in property, I invest in shoes…

I have purchased my first Louboutin, couple of years ago when I first created my company in NY to congratulate myself… I had to have one, because I thought it was very sexy wearing those red sole pumps.
You have to understand, wearing a Louboutin is not that easy, you have to have very thin toes, otherwise you might need to cut your fourth finger. At the beginning, I remember having tears in my eyes cause I wanted to keep them all night long.
But with time you learn, some put some Vaseline in their toes (be careful to not put too much cause you risk the fly), my trick is to buy a size bigger to have more space in the front, and believe it or not train myself to wear them. And it works; now I have several “les putains” as I call them and they are among my most comfy shoes.

When I moved back to Geneva, I was very sad, because there was only one store selling them but only basics that I already owned, so I needed to travel again to buy them.
But good news Geneva, since December, Geneva has its own Louboutin store…
I have tried to be strong and not go to the store, but today I had to go… come on, I just came from detox and lost weight, and when some people buy clothes to celebrate that, I need to buy shoes ;)
So after lunch I went to their store in rue du Rhone (which is our Via Montenapoleone, or our Madisson Avenue). It is a beautiful store on two levels, I highly advise to check upstairs as well, the working staff is very helpful and sweet. And the most important, they have a great selection, and they have sizes.
While I was trying my future adopted kids, the store was very busy. And almost everyone was leaving with at least one pair of “les putains”.
I guess the crisis is not touching the sexy red sole pumps in Geneva!!!!