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I asked for a snow storm and had a snow blizzard…. No snow can stop Nat, unfortunately, this time it froze the streets, stopped the cars and the train, and it was humanly impossible to walk. I tried to get a cab, and in less than 10 minutes, I became a snow woman…

So decided to stay in, and attack the streets the following day.

The initial plan was to do Madison Avenue and check out their sales…. With the snow and all, we decided to go to Saks Fifth and spend the day indoors.

When I left the apartment to try to get a cab; I felt the day after the end of the world… 10th avenue was under the snow, but empty.

Imagine, a burnt cab on the side of the road, one or two courageous car driving slowly, and besides me only few people on the streets. I thought I was in of the scenes of “I am Legend” and waited to hear “cut” from the director before I met Will Smith ;) Unfortunately, that was not my movie.

In the meantime, a car stopped and asked me if he can drop me somewhere, and seeing my hesitation told me: “don’t worry; I am not a mass murderer”. Well that’s reassuring isn’t it, cause they normally wear a label saying “be aware I will kill you soon”.

Finally, found a cab and picked up the ladies, and we went to Saks Fifth Avenue. Due to a lack of employees (everybody was blocked home) the store was closed until noon, so we did the next best thing… went to Rockefeller center across the street to have breakfast.

I sincerely never advise you to eat at “Rock Center Café”. We arrived at 11.03 am, and the girl at the entrance told us breakfast is over at 11am, we said so we will have lunch. Guess what, lunch starts at 11.30, and they cannot seat you because they are going to organize the restaurant. Oh did I tell you there were only two tables full at the restaurant?

I guess this is what happens when you put a girl with an inferior complex on a power trip at the entrance…. Anyway, I wished we could have read the signs that Gods send us, and not go back to have “lunch”. Bad food, bad service. The highlight of my experience: the busboy tried to explain me what a lemon is and how I should use it). Ohh and my lucky sister had a hair as an extra in her dish….

Thanks God Saks Fifth opened at noon, so we didn’t stay that long in one of the worst restaurants of NY….

My brother and his wife are in New York for Xmas shopping. He loves meat, I guess it runs in the family… we are all carnivores, you should see my niece.

Anyway, whenever he comes to NY he loves going for lunch at “Del Frisco’s Steakhouse”, and told me I have to go and try it. This steakhouse opened it’s doors the first time 20 years ago in Dallas. It is an institute for great meat… and come on even Gerald Butler asked for it as his last meal in “Law Abiding Citizen” ;)

We decided to meet for lunch, and my NY girl,who is known as Lady Fleur, joined us. The place is huge, two floors and we sat upstairs.

So while you check your menu, they bring you a warm delicious bread. After you eat your bread you start listening your waiters’ speech. Ours name was Paul: I have never seen someone talking so fast without taking any breath.

We ended up starting with crab cakes that are real crabs, not the food processed crab meat, followed by filet mignon. My brother and I love our meat rare, almost alive. When the meat arrived it was rare ok, but was cold.

When I told Paul about it, his first response was well you want it rare, so we didn’t cook a lot… I agree it cannot be boiling, but it is not my first rare meat, and I never had it cold. So he took it back and brings it back warm (I guess it works so why not bringing right the first time????)

Let me tell you it was worth the wait… the meat literally melted in my mouth. One of the best filet mignon that I had for a while.

To complete our light lunch, Paul proposed us their signature dessert: Lemon cake… imagine a several layers of lemon, lemon cream, lemon frosting cake, every bite worth 1000 calories. I would have taken a picture but the minute it landed on the table we jumped on it.

We all were a little disappointed about it: not enough lemony, too sweet, too dry…. All the reasons were present to not eating it, but don’t know why we cleaned the plate, lol.

So to resume, I need to thank my bro for the good address, and if you are in New York and want to have a good steak (and not go to Peter Lugar in Brooklyn), go to Del Friscos Steakhouse.

It is a block away from Saks Fifth Avenue, and definitely worth it. Here is a good tip, eat there, and walk a block for retail therapy.

A friend told me that I only talked about restaurants and bars in NY; and that I should maybe talk about the shopping.
Well as you know I tried to make a shopping diet during my stay. The task was very hard; especially when you walk by the shoe section in Barney’s where I relapsed for a pair of Prada… I know I know, but I am not perfect…
And I resisted on Madison Avenue where all my favorite names ask me to enter and buy from them…
But let’s talk about shopping and some tips…

A little hint about Bloomingdale’s as well as for Macy’s: if you are not a US resident, you can simply go to the visitor’s center and get a 10% reduction card. This card is only valuable for the day and you cannot use it with big brands…
Another big hint is if you are like me “claustrophobic” so you cannot take the subway and only can circulate walking or with a cab… There is a cab shift at 3.30pm… so if you are in town, especially Soho, I advise you to jump on one free just before, otherwise you will try to find one for at least an hour… And the cabs that are off duty (when the whole light is on) would only take you if you are on their way…
And if you are in midtown and desperate; hit Park Avenue, to take a town car. They are a rip off and I highly advise you to bargain the price… and accept only if you decide that the last price they gave you is worth being home or at the hotel instead of running with your bags with your feet hurting (and believe me it will hurt with all the walking) for an empty cab fight…
Oh yeah some take the cross town bus and apparently it is good, but I don’t do that…
what you can also do is enter in the first restaurant and have an early happy hour, and start drinking until the cabs are back on the street…
believe me than you forget your hurting feet, sometimes you even forget whom you are….

Another useful tip is when you arrive to Saks Fifth Avenue. The ground floor is the cosmetic and fragrance… I call it the attack floor. What I advise you is to get ready before entering, because if you will be attacked by all the sales people to smell this fragrance or to try that make-up.
If you are weak, they will catch you and not let you go before you purchase few hundred dollars worth make-up… you know the make-up that they applied on you and you think that you are capable to replicate it at home.
It won’t happen… you will end up with makeup that you never use … The other option, and this is for only the trained shoppers, newbies please don’t try… is to ask them to put you make up for day or night depending what are your plans… than leave without buying with the pretext you are already late ;)
And my favorite part of Saks Fifth is the shoe salon, which is on 8th floor (I know they should have put it on 7th …). They have an express elevator that brings you to the shoe Heaven… The door opens and your are mesmerized by the view… shoes… and you see all these women asking for sizes, as if there is no tomorrow… And funnily no network on your cell phone… I seriously believe they do it in purpose, so you cannot call or get a call telling you: DON’T!!!!

You know it reminds me a scene of Taylor Hackford’s movie The Devil’s Advocate; you enter in the room, and the doors close behind you…. You have no choice but signing a pact with the devil… or in this case buy a pair of shoes!!!

Ahh New York and shopping, I can write a book about it… but enough for today. Just to say that I Had a good help for my shopping diet … New York had new kind of visitors… the bedbugs.
These tiny bloodsuckers attacked Nike Town, Abercrombie and even Bloomingdale’s, just to cite few store names that you would want to go and shop… some of the stores closed while they cleaned.
So beside the tourist who didn’t know about the incident, who would stand in the queue in front of Abercrombie to buy their infected clothes… sorry sorry “cleaned” clothes.
Between you and me, who would simply stand in front of Abercrombie?? Don’t people know that they can order online???? Why to suffer hours to enter this perfume infected night club, just to buy a t-shirt made in Indonesia…

Anyway, with or without the bedbugs I love New York… And I love their humor… I think from far my favorite quote of the month was in Times Square saying “In a city that never sleeps, bed bugs work all night”… LOL