Last week we had a tremendous snow storm. The life in the city froze for a day: no more public bus for half a day, airport closed and roads not cleaned.

In New York as soon as there is a snow storm, every store and building cleans in front of their area and snow machines clears the roads in the city.

Off course in the States one can be sued for anything; in Geneva nobody has such a fear so no one cleans the snow and the city of Geneva prefers spending our tax money on more significant duties such as keeping it in their pocket.

No need to say nothing stopped me and my Natmobile, but we got stuck in some traffic, slipped on the road and even had a mini accident….

On Thursday, the city was more functioning. I had lunch at the restaurant “L’Armoire” with my mom. Do you remember my positive review about them a little while ago? Well I would like to correct it….

I asked for a “filet mignon” with spinach instead of the french fries. The first waiter looked confused and send me his colleague who literally answered me: “we are sorry we have a new policy; as every dish has it’s own design, we cannot change the sides”.
I answered: “this is ridiculous. I won’t eat something that I don’t like just because the cook’s design will change”.

Correct me if I am wrong, but a cook is creative and if I want spinach instead of carrots, don’t you think he should be capable of doing the exchange? Maybe I should send my niece to help him.
I know you eat with your eyes before your mouth… but if I want just to look and not eat (because I don’t like or I cannot or I just don’t want), I will go to a museum….

I ended up taking a fish, because its vegetables seemed appealing and asked them to remove the mashed potatoes… and off course I got my overcooked fish with vegetables and the mashed potatoes.

Oh well, “L’Armoire” is back to “not really into it” category…
Sorry guys, I know you love the place and it is your hangout, but this restaurant just doesn’t work for me.