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Some of my friends in Geneva, love the restaurant l’Armoire to a certain point that we know that when we will meet with them, we will be there for dinner.
It is a decent restaurant, but I am not a big fan… but last night I promised them to give another shot and it was also the only restaurant that took a reservation for 6 at the last minute. Good to have friends who are their best clients ;)

No one really wanted to have starters so we ended up ordering some appetizers to share. The foie gras was particularly delicious…
My friend who ordered a green salad, had on her plate only “frisee and escarole”. I agree that they make part of the green salad family and look pretty on the plate, but they also make the dish impossible to eat. Because you keep trying to look fancy while you chase the salad leafs with your fork. I think restaurants should always add some romaine, so we have something to put under our fork, lol.

As a main dish I ordered “Beef Steak Tartar”… and as usual without onions, shallots or any of the family. I asked my tartar to be very spicy. It came with no onions, but not sure about the spicy part, unless the chef considers ketchup spicy.
It was too sweet but some Tabasco drops, pepper and salt kind of arranged the flavor.
I agree, better adding the spice than having too spicy, but don’t kill my beef with ketchup… I am not an American teenager who believes that ketchup is the sauce for everything.

My friends took the “Cote de Boeuf” (T-bone steak), it was delicious. Some found the risotto on the side too salty but I didn’t mind. Otherwise their French fries were quite crispy and tasty.

There is one thing that I can say about l’Armoire restaurant, their products are prime selection… they have to just work about the seasoning to not ruin the taste.

The service was great; I guess being with the VIP clients helped a lot. And I think the restaurant looks much cozier at night than at lunch time. They have to just be careful with the heating:
I know that I am not a reference, but when we arrived it was so warm that I had the feeling to be a roasted chicken in the oven…. and this time I was not the only one.

I am happy to give another shot to l’Armoire, and as I always say the company is very important, and I had a great one!!!!

You will think, life stops when you come to Geneva… let say it is a little calmer than the rest of the world, but we still have amazing restaurants…
And I have to say “Le Vallon” is one of them. I am never disappointed when I eat there… The food is savory and the presentation is great. As we always say you eat first with your eyes.

So today after doing the famous Geneva market searching for fresh vegetables and fruits… we decided to treat ourselves with a nice lunch. Normally “Le Vallon” is closed on the week-ends… like most of the Geneva restaurants. It is always a challenge to find a lunch spot on the week-ends outside the city center. So after looking for few restaurants, to our big surprise Le Vallon was open. Apparently this new hours are for the last 4 months, no need to say I am shocked that no one told me, lol ;)

The restaurant was quite full, with I have to admit not very hip people… it seemed a little bit like 3rd age convention. They were offering a business lunch menu that was quite complete, including an appetizer, a main dish and desert, to a reasonable price (for Geneva at least) of 55CHF.
I took my salmon raviolis, which are actually smoked salmon in a shape of ravioli, filled in with ricotta followed up a steak tartare. My appetizer was to die for, and the presentation was beautiful.

The tartare was good, but too much ketchup in it for my taste… but the secret weapon was the shoe string French fries. How can I describe it, not oily cause was cooked in the oven but yet so crispy… just warm potato chips in the shape of matches…
Someone took the menu, and chose the beef carpaccio to start with; she complained that it was too thick and too cold. But her main dish was a fish on an olive risotto. I have to say this was my first olive risotto, and won’t be the last. And she had this desert which was all around red fruits. You have to taste it, but first you have to see it…

Considering all, beside “the rock’n’roll” ambiance, the service is great, the food presenting is great and the food is quite delicious. Yes I admit it is a little pricey, but in Geneva even pizzerias are pricey… so you should give a shot.

I might go back on Saturday a last time before New York ;)

Last I went to dinner at “Bistrot du Boucher”. Everybody knows about it in Geneva, either because they ate there or simply they saw the big caw outside the restaurant. I used to go a lot in the past and got few disappointed dinners so stopped. But few weeks ago my brother and sister tried again and they couldn’t stop talking about it. So last night was the redemption night. We went without booking so they gave us the “last” table which was by the door.
We all ordered our food, and finally got the appetizers, my salad with “chevre chaud” (warm goat cheese) could have been described as “few green leaves swimming in oil with burnt goat cheese filos”. I told myself well it is a steak house after all, so let’s wait the meat to really judge.
I was lucky, ordered a Steak Tartare, and it was delicious, and although I am not a French Fries girl, they were quite perfect; thin, long and crispy. Someone took a well done burger, one side of the burger was the way she ordered, well done, the other side was as raw as my Steak Tartare. And finally the bouquet was for the person who ordered the Filet de Boeuf cooked Medium. It was literally burnt outside, impossible to even cut it. She sent it back, to receive when we were all done with our food, two pieces of meat so cooked that they looked and tasted like oily shoe soles.
When the owner, a lovely lady came and asked her, how was it this time; my friend said that this time it was overcooked and as she waited so long that she wasn’t hungry anymore. So the lovely owner, instead of telling her, sorry I won’t count this dish on your check, told her, oh sorry to hear that, at least is the beef good quality? Let me put it in an aluminum foil, so you can bring it home and eat later. And generous that she is, told her that she would like to offer her a desert.
So here we are receiving 3 of their famous chocolate and pear cake, one free, and an aluminum foil with 2 pieces of beef.
I don’t even know what to say, I mean if she had ordered pasta in a steak house, I would have told her, don’t get so high expectations… but who cares if it is a good piece of meat, if they don’t know how to cook it properly.
Lately I am getting addicted to Hell’s Kitchen, so I wonder where is Chef Ramsey to fire that cook?????
After leaving a great amount of money, we all left the restaurant unhappy, my friend gave the foil to the waiter and said actually you can keep it, cause won’t eat that beef. Would I go back? Definitely not; our table was placed in neverland of waiters and service, how many times do you need to reorder a drink to finally get it??? and disappointing food…
At the entrance I saw they were “Guide de Routard’” choice until 2005, I guess there is a reason why they stopped choosing this restaurant as an advice to travelers!!!!