In my family, we celebrate Easter twice; once with everyone and again with the Orthodox. This year, it was a week apart. It can be the same week-end or even five weeks apart, depending on the year.

The first Easter week-end, we spent the bunny day at my brothers. Hid the eggs for the kids to find, did the egg tapping and as usual over ate.

I want to talk about the Orthodox Easter.

As you know Easter is a Christian holiday that starts on the Good Friday by the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and ends with his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

In the orthodox church, in Mersin, (my hometown located in south of Turkey) on Good Friday morning all the ladies go to church and bring flowers to decorate Jesus tomb.

It is a tradition that I love. Everybody is involved. The adults prepare the flowers and the kids put the colored eggs in bags; some ladies stay in the kitchen and prepare a giant tabbouleh.

A tabbouleh is a middle eastern salad made of bulgur (wheat), tomato, onion, and finely chopped parsley and mint, seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

Once it is ready, the priest invites us in, and we all share the tabbouleh with bread and salad leaves.

This year was the first time that we brought my niece and nephew with us. While I was getting rid of the thorns, they were assisting me on taking out the extra leaves of roses. Later I put them in duty with the eggs. Once all the eggs in bags, the priest blessed them.

After all the tasks, we went inside the church and passed three times under Jesus tomb to represent the three days of Easter and prayed.

The cutest thing was my nephew who asked me in which language he should pray: Turkish or French. I have answered he can choose the language he wanted.

I think it is always important to keep some traditions. Even though, the kids are too young to understand the meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection, they understand getting together and praying for Jesus Christ.

Sure, they prayer can be basic, such as for the sick dog or to have a special dish for lunch… but it still brings them to church and enjoy it…

Happy Easter everyone!!!