What can I say about Beauty & Essex, besides Chris Santos found the best formula to attract people? He took the great Stanton Social concept and put it in a bigger and a better environment.

The formula is simple: great décor, great food and a great crowd.

This beautiful two level restaurant is hidden behind a fake pawn shop. When you enter, your right away gets excited about the atmosphere. Leather coaches with wooden tables, great bar, and a big chandelier that connects the two floors.

Add to the early 60s décor beautiful people, then you just do your best to get a table. Unfortunately, it is one of those restaurants where you have to fight or book way in advance to get a table… unless you agree to eat dinner at 5pm ;)

I went to Beauty & Essex, at their opening week-end (how can I miss that) with my best friend. We of course didn’t have a table so after few drinks at the bar, crashed a couple’s table.

The menu is the same idea than Stanton Social (Chris Santos other restaurant). You have small dishes, tapas style, from all around the world. We chose few dishes to share and taste: the kobe beef carpaccio, the tomato tartare, the lobster tacos, and heritage baby back ribs.

They were all good, not exceptional but very good. The service was also great.

The crowd was composed of a bit of everything. Couples, groups and of course the weekend “bridge and tunnel”. For the “starstruck”, this is a great place to see your favorite stars.

And if you are thirsty for a glass of bubbles; you can simply go to the ladies room, where they celebrate you leaving the place with a glass of bubbles.

To sum it up, Beauty & Essex is a place not to miss. I maybe prefer the food at Stanton Social, but the décor and the crowd makes you forget about it, and makes you an addict ;)