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With the beautiful weather that we had, the week challenge was to think to restaurants with nice terraces. Most of the classics like the restaurants in place du Molard were fully booked, so one had to be creative.

We opted for “Le Lacustre”. For the ones who don’t know it is situated just by the parking of Mont Blanc across the lake. The parking elevator is at the door of the restaurant… so not much for a walk to digest, lol.

Le Lacustre, makes part of Molino pizzerias, so you have all the pizzas and pastas… but you have a great selection of fish, as well. I was dreaming about the filet of perches; unfortunately, they didn’t have any.

After long hesitation for a pizza, I opted for the beef carpaccio, so I could take “la torta de la nonna” as a dessert. The others had the fish.

The service was very slow; they managed to take our order only 25 minutes after our arrival. Our waiter was lovely, but didn’t speak one word of French. You know I love Italian, but don’t you think it will help the communication if he could speak French… in the Frencg speaking part of Switzerland????

We are not in Lugano, but in Geneva… and even though sometimes it gives the charm of the restaurant when they throw you few words of Italian… People are at Lacustre to have a quick lunch before going to work… so they cannot pretend to be on vacation in Italy and lose their time in communication…

Thanks God, I don’t work in an office and I speak Italian… but my poor sis left without eating as it was too late for her.

She missed a good lunch. The carpaccio and the fish were good. My torta della Nonna was yummy. The best? We had the beautiful sun smiling at us…

So if you are looking for a great terrace with decent food in town, Le Lacustre is your address… just bring your Italian- French dictionary if you don’t speak Italian ;)

After my brother and sister in law left New York, I thought I should make a mini break from restaurants before my mom and sis arrive for Xmas and New Year…

The mini break literally lasted 3 days… Come on I am in New York, what should I do? stay home all day???? So I decided to join Lady Fleur and ma Rose Bon Bon for some shopping. After visiting a fur store, we off course ended up having lunch. This time we were at Bar Pitti. For the ones who don’t know this restaurant, it is located in West Village by Da Silvano. If you don’t know Da Silvano, well then open a gossip magazine to read which celebrity had lunch or dinner there or pass by to see the celebrities yourself and enjoy a delicious meal!!!

Anyway, back to Bar Pitti that serves Tuscan cuisine, and the menu is on a blackboards.

We had some appetizers such as “the Melanzane alla Parmigiana” (eggplants with cheese and mozzarella), some vegetables and a “Puntarelle Salad” (Catalonian chicory). Ok I am hungry again…
Then we shared a pesto pea risotto; I like risotto, I like peas, and the pesto sauce… yummy, but the combination of the three of them just didn’t work for me. I have to say the star dish for me , and I advise every single person to taste it; is “La Torta dellla Nonna”. It is a Tuscan custard pie with pine nuts and almonds, and it is just to die for…

The restaurant was as usual full. There were no celebrities this time (off course besides us ;) Lol) The crowd was composed of some regular customers and people living around looking for a delicious comfort food.

The service was good I guess. But then again how can you complain about Italians, even if they do something wrong, they smile, tell you some Italian words… and you forget why you were not happy.

Another successful lunch with my girls, delicious food and amazing company!!!!