Now that I talked about the health clubs in Geneva, let me write about NY health Clubs.

In the city you have three main clubs, “New York Health & Racket Club”, “Equinox” and “Crunch”.

When I used to live in the city, I had my gym in the building so had my trainer who would come to help me workout.
I visited once the NYHRC, and managed to subscribe without knowing… Imagine my shock when two years later I received a letter saying that they couldn’t get my monthly payment as my cc has expired. It seemed surreal, as I have never given them permission to use my credit card.
For my defense I had given a cc number (in case I wanted to enroll) that I was never using, and was directly paid in Switzerland.
Anyway, after several heated phone calls, and email where I proved them that I never accepted to apply to their gym, they reimbursed me… and banned me for life from their gym.

Now that I have a foot in the city, I wanted to go to Tracy Anderson studio in Tribecca. The ones who didn’t hear about her, she used to be Madonna’s personal trainer, and now is working with Gwyneth Paltrow and Shakira. Her new A list client is Jennifer Lopez.

Her method reminds me of Jane Fonda’s dance classes with other original workouts. I love her energy, but don’t think her DVD’s explain you well how to follow her…happy that no one saw me trying to do it.
Her studio is very tiny and packed and no AC, and the membership fee is higher than an apartment rent in the city. Seriously you have the option, either invest in real estate or in Tracy Anderson studio (and you can her class once a week if she is in town)
I decided to pass, because not worth it to spend that much for a gym that I will use only 6 months a year.

I opted for the next best thing, Equinox. They have great classes and locations all around the city. For someone like me who doesn’t have a fixed address yet, it is ideal. Wherever I live, I can find one nearby.

I tried few classes; very interesting after Geneva health clubs. So much variety, I did some yoga, where in a HOOOT room, you do things with your body that nobody shouldn’t do (and pay the consequences after).
I did some dance classes where I danced the Zumba, and I have been “Calvinised” (class designed by a dancer called Calvin, who kept using words that I didn’t understand and perform moves that I couldn’t do).
I spent the class feeling like a hippopotamus in a room full of glasses and laughing at myself. Move away black swan there is a pink hippo in town!!!
Thanks God I did the Hip Hop class, where I knew how to shake my booty and have the 50 Cent attitude.

The classes are clearly much better in the States, but there isn’t a big respect for the hygiene. These ladies will come with their street shoes in the classrooms, and won’t mind to bring the street dirt. I guess my Swiss side doesn’t honestly accept that…

Ohh and ladies, great venue to watch cute boys… I needed help to close my mouth when I saw all these men working out with bodies to die for… I know I know most of them are gay, so what???? I can still look and it for sure brings my cardio up a notch ;)