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Each year, I take off from my life and go for two weeks to a clinic in Germany to fast. It is an incredible experience.

I know, I know, there are lots of people who believe, “fasting” is not good for your body. I respect their opinion, but if it is that bad, how come each religion has a fasting period? And also why do I feel so good after?

This clinic is called Buchinger, and it is in Überlingen near the Konstanz Lake (100 km from Zurich airport). The name is definitely not very glamour, especially when you compare it to Barcelona, NY, Istanbul or Portofino… lol.
At the clinic, you can either do a low calorie diet or fast… I prefer fasting.

Let me explain you how it works.

The first day, is digestion day, when you spend your day eating fruits, or rice or potato. I prefer eating rice. It is 150g uncooked rice divided in three. In the morning, they give it with apple compote, at lunch with vegetables and at dinner with apple compote, as well.

By the way, you can do the rice day once a week, and it will clean your body (and you can lose weight).

The second day, they give you Glaubert salt (sodium sulfate decahydrate) in the morning, which basically empties your body. It is always better to start fasting on an emptied stomach.

For lunch they bring your soup, which is basically a broth, to your room. At 2pm you have tea with a little bit of honey. My first year at the clinic, I used to wait all day long for that tiny honey. I will lick the bowl so I don’t lose any of it. Now I cannot even see that honey, so I am eating a yogurt instead.

Finally, you finish your second day with a bowl of soup.

From the third day on, your food (if I can call it like that) is the same. Basically every day, you start with tea, chose between a juice and a soup for lunch. At 2pm, you receive your tea with honey or yogurt. And all your dinners are composed of a bowl of soup.

You must be thinking, you must be so hungry… actually you are not, the first three days are supposed to be the hardest ones, you can experience headaches… but after that it is paradise. You are literally high and become very active and creative.

The second common question is: “what do you do all day long?”

Well they propose you gym classes every morning and walks in the afternoon. Two, three times a week you have cooking classes. They also offer painting classes. In the mean time, you have a full equipped gym, a heated pool, and lots of massage choices.

Every evening they propose a conference about different topics.

If all that doesn’t keep you busy, you can ask for a TV and DVD in you room, and they have a great selection of movies.

The center has few rules though, you cannot use your cell on public places, cannot smoke in the center and although you are free to hit the town, have to be back at the clinic by 11pm.

Between us, there are always ways to go around the rules ;)

My mom makes fun of me when I talk about the clinic, she says “you talk as if it is a vacation spot; finally, it is a diet place where you starve.”

What can I say, for me going to Buchinger, is like going on vacation from my daily life. When you come back from your vacation, you feel rested (unless you go to NY with me ;) ), but you feel heavier as well, as you let yourself go …

But when you come back from “NewBuchingerYork”, you feel rested and you are skinny with lots of energy.

I don’t care what people say, I love fasting, and I think Buchinger in Uberlingen is the best. They have one in Marbella, but let’s be honest who wants to go to Marbella and fast!!!

You just wanna go to Marbella, to shop, to eat, to drink and to partaaay ;)

So today I have started my fasting for 10 days, I am sure you are not interested on my lovely meals composed of soup, juice and herbal teas. And some of you think that I am crazy, but believe me it is amazing, you are not hungry at all, and u feel great. Last year I fasted for 22 days, and I was at the peak of my creativity.
What do I do all day long? workout like a mad woman, do walks in the countryside… and off course it was a very good excuse to buy hiking shoes (with no heels believe it or not) and an outfit for that to make my fashion statement ;)
And I finally do massages every day… and discovered “Chi Nei Tsang” which literally means “working the energy of the internal organs”. It is a holistic approach to the healing touch modality of old Taoist Chinese origin. It integrates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being.
It is a massage mainly used for 4 reasons; it detoxifies, it helps to restructure and strengthen the body, it helps us to deal better with our emotional life, and it teaches us to know ourselves better.
Basically, it is a massage that lasts 45 minutes, where the therapist is pressing some points in your abdomen, which helps you to let go all the emotional and physicals blockages.
I became an addict, cause after every session, you feel great, so if you have time and find a specialist, I highly advise u to try it out.