“Roberto” is one of the known restaurants in Geneva center. It is situated near Rive, and attracts a lot of business men when they want to impress their client. My mother always would say, you know the quality of a restaurant by looking at their flower arrangements, and if you follow her logic, Roberto must be among the best.

I hate to criticize everything (I know it doesn’t look like) but I don’t agree; I would put it as one of the most expensive not the best. I gave so many chances, and 99% of the time I left broke and disappointed. So when my friend invited me to join them, I was more excited about the fact to have some material to write than the food…

I cannot deny, the atmosphere is beautiful and the place is packed, and the service with a smile. I ordered an artichoke heart, followed by scaloppini al limone (veal escallops in lemon sauce). So after 20 – 25 minutes I received two big hearts of artichokes and two green leaves with one little carrot in the middle… no dressing or vinaigrette. I completely understand that they let you dress it your way, but propose me vinaigrette on the side and let me chose.
Anyway the problems started with the entrees… They came exactly 1hour and 15 minutes after we sat. I had what I ordered, but my friend who ordered a grilled sole had a meuniere (cooked in a pan with butter); we had 4 orders of soles and only received 3. And instead of dividing them among four, they filled up three plates with the fish and the poor fourth person had a quarter of a sole.

And for the sides, no one got what they expected. Someone had ordered his dish with french fries, but as his plate was full of fish, only six sad fries made it. come on, when you pay around 70 USD for a plate of fish, you expect first to receive it, then to have the right side order and you also expect some visual… Don’t we say that we first eat with the eyes… well at Roberto they don’t know the concept, not only you are not satisfied with your food, your plate look sad as well…

There is a saying: “don’t judge a book by its cover”… well don’t judge Roberto by its flowers and decors and prices, it just doesn’t deliver what you expect from it. Nobody leaves the restaurant satisfied… but due to the lack of choices for a business lunch, they keep going.
It is sad because Roberto has all the elements to have satisfied customers, they just need to put it together and stop taking them for idiots!!!