Since I am back from New York, days past so quickly in Geneva.

The first week-end of my arrival I went to the wedding of a friend. The church was in Veyrier (a small village by Geneva) and off course in the middle of the ceremony I had an urge to visit the bathroom.

No one wanted to lend me his/her children, so I could use him as an excuse to leave and search for a bathroom. Finally decided that I was on my own and discretely left the church. You have to know something; in Veyrier, there are no cafes or restaurants open Saturday morning, only a small market. After walking around for a hope and considering to relieve myself behind a tree…. The grocery store told me that there was a public bathroom.

Yes Nat went to a public “alaturca bathroom” (squat toilet)…. I have to say it is a challenge when you have pants and a coat, and a bag… so you need to get creative. Thanks god nobody wanted to pass me their kid after all; I wouldn’t know what to do with him or her.

Anyway, my tip of the day, before entering the church in Veyrier on Saturday make a deal with a coffee shop so they can be open for emergencies … or pray that the grocery stores’ have been repaired ;)